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Being a grocery store, Yvonne’s natural Market carries organic and natural alternatives to almost all items normally found in a regular grocery store.  These items range from dairy products, meats, frozen entrees, and many other frozen items.  We also carry cooking and baking goods, snacks, pastas, teas, drinks, crackers, and much more.  All of our products are chemical and preservative free and guaranteed MSG free. We also carry Vegan and Vegetarian alternatives as well.
Yvonne’s Natural Market is committed to helping out people with Celiac Disease and other gluten intolerance cases with our large selection of Gluten Free products.  We have a full line of Gluten free products ranging from breads to pastas to baking mixes. We are constantly evaluating the tastes of our gluten free products and are always trying to stock new products as they become available.  We have also flagged all gluten free products with an orange sticker including the vitamins and health and beauty products as well.
At Yvonne’s Natural Market you can find many brands of natural and organic health and beauty supplies.  Our top selling line of hair and skin care is Aubrey’s Natural.  We offer many skin care brands, dental hygiene products, facial products, along with homemade, goat’s milk soaps and lotions. Most of our health and beauty products are sodium Laurel/laureth sulfate free as well as aluminum free. We have products for men, women and children.  Our natural hair dyes are safe and easy to use. We also carry clean and green cleaning supplies as well as paper goods like toilet paper and paper towels.  Our environmentally safe water jugs in individual sizes or refrigerator sizes are also in stock.
Yvonne’s Natural Market carries only the top quality vitamins, minerals and supplements.  Our desire, experience and training have brought us to the point of teaching and helping people understand that quality does make a big difference in your health.  The supplements we offer are from reputable companies where all phases of production are of highest efficacy and quality.  Our 100 % whole food vitamins and minerals are in a class by themselves as well as our food-based supplements being well tested and proven to be of highest quality.  We only recommend quality supplements that can lead to helpful results. Our large selection includes vitamins and minerals in various forms, omegas, liquid or encapsulated herbs, products for nearly all conditions, immune enhancing products, amino acids, essential oils, greens and fruits in various forms, cleansers for all areas of the body from short to long durations and many gluten free supplements.

Yvonne’s Natural Market is committed to providing options for fully organic smoothies, Juices, and Sandwiches.   We make our smoothies out of fully organic frozen fruit and organic squeezed juices.  We do not use purees, ice, sugar, or any other fillers in them.  Our Juices are made from organic produce so you are not receiving a juice that has a concentrated amount of pesticides or fertilizer in them.   Our sandwiches are also organic and we use nitrate/nitrite free meats and free range eggs.  We offer salads that are made fresh from our organic produce department.  We can offer vegan alternatives to the cheese on our vegetarian sandwich as well.   We also have the option to sit down and relax at our tables or you can carry out to work or home.
Recent News
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New Specialty Smoothies
Incredible Hulk: $8.00
Organic fresh spinach leaves, wheat grass juice, local bee pollen, protein (hemp hearts), peach and mango.
Pina Colada: $6.50
Real coconut water from Thailand with the sweet meat of the coconut and pineapple.
Coconut Water (limited Supply): $5.00
Fresh sweet coconut water drained from the coconut while you wait, afterward you can enjoy the fresh coconut meat.
Bubble Gum Smoothie: $6.50
Oat milk, blueberry, banana, and plant protein 5 fruit (life time).
Spicy Ginger Apple: $7.25
Freshly cut apples, apple juice, banana's, coconut water, and of course ginger.
Meal Replacement Smoothie: $7.50
Strawberry, Carrot, Acia protein, and mango
Wheat Grass Shot: $3.00
Wheat grass, lemon, and ginger.
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ReNew Life was established in 1997 by Brenda Watson and her husband Stan. Brenda has become one of the nation's leading authorities on natural digestive health, detoxification and internal cleansing. She is the author of 5 books on this topic and she has helped millions of people live longer, healthier lives through improved digestion, as part of her many public, TV and radio appearances and articles and seminars. ReNew Life produces the leading digestive health products available in health food stores and we take great pride in producing the best-quality products. We believe that through proper digestion and sensible dietary choices we can obtain the nutrition we all require to maintain optimal mental and physical health.